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 Friday Group Tryouts

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PostSubject: Friday Group Tryouts   Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:41 pm

TL;DR - There are criterion to joining Colossus:
- The forum registration and knowing how to operate voice chat allow us to assess one of these criterion.
- The Group Tryouts verify a second criteria.
- The Secondary Tryouts verify a third criteria,
- the 1-week Probation is used to evaluate our fourth criteria.
- You will not be told any of these criteria until passing the Group Tryouts.
- You can skip this entire message, so long as you are online by 4:00 Pacific / 7:00 PM Eastern each Friday. This is just a summary of the Colossus Tryouts process so that applicants know what to expect. During each stage of your Application you will be advised to join various Allied Guilds.

There are four stages of tryouts

Those of you wishing to apply to Colossus need to first:
- Fill out the form on
- Group Tryouts will be done in 4v4-Format!
- During Group Tryouts you must follow the voice chat strategic decisions of your team's spectating Officer.
- Players who pass the Group Tryouts against Colossuus probationers move on to Secondary Tryouts in 1v1-Format
Players who pass the Secondary Tryouts win a Colossus invite and a 1-week probation period.
Allied Guild leaders and co-leaders are allowed to recruit directly from the tryout rooms.
Players who pass the 1-week Probation become full Members of Colossus.
Probation ends when you successfully pass the Group Tryouts a second time with signs of improvement during the week that you are in our guild.
Players who fail the Group Tryouts or Secondary Tryouts must re-apply to the guild next week.
Players with feedback on their microphone will be given one warning and then banned.
Players who fail the 1-week Probation will be kicked from the guild.
Players who are rejected from Colossus will be interviewed by MapleSyrup to examine their shortcomings and find an Allied Guild which will help them to improve quickly.
Should there be a reason why you feel that this judgement is unjust then discuss it immediately with MaypleSyrup prior to being kicked, and he will discuss with you the reasons why you need improve before becoming a competitive PvPer,
Recommendations to Allied Guilds is in order to most rapidly gain those qualities/strengths which rejected applicants lack, or to simply referr them to a Casual-PvE guild.
After joining a guild, please introduce yourself in-game and ask for the that guild's relevant voice chat (teamspeak/mumble/ventrilo).

We strongly-request that Allied Guilds have a leader or co-leader present who is available to observe Group Tryouts and microphone-interview all applicants who did not make the tryouts.
In the event that there are more than 32 applicants being interviewed simultaneously, those who are not being talked to will be asked to move to the same voice chat channel and wait for an Officer to inform them of a free slot.
In the event that you are rejected during Secondary Tryouts, please ask for a one-to-one follow-up interview with a guild Officer and Allied Guild Leader/Co-Leader.
If no Officers or Allied Guilds are available then please nessage MapleSyrup on vent to inform him of the name of the Officer with whom you attended Group Tryouts, and the URL of the thread where you made your Colossus Application. (Go to ventrilo >>> right-click on MapleSyrup >>> User >>> Private Chat >>> Send.)
If you do not receive a response from MapleSyrup, then please also include your in-game name and class, so that he can message or whisper you in-game tomorrow morning.
In the event of a server power-outage, tryouts will be held at the same time on the following-day.
If your Officer disconnects, please wait five minutes for him to complete his conversation with other Officers regarding your interview, as everyone involved should know of your qualities and areas needing improvement. Therefore it is likely that he is discussing the merits of your application on our private Mumble server, and will return within 5 minutes. If he does not reappear, then consider your application rejected, and message MapleSyrup over ventrilo to find the nearest Leader of a Casual-PvE Allied Guild.

Please suggest additions to this page. You will also be kicked-out for being inactive longer than 5 days, and will be advised to restart the above Application Process.

@rejected applicants: If this is your first time reading this post, after being referred to this post by an Officer, then it is because you need to improve your capacity to follow basic-instructions such as filling-out a forum application, and refraining from interrupting the 2v2s until it is your turn (feel free to join the 8v8 room if you get bored). Finally, arguing with an Officer is frowned upon, but if you were doing that then it is unlikely that you have gotten this far into the thread. Regarding the reading of massive amounts of text... Applicants who post here in this thread prior to Secondary Tryouts receive a 100 Event Point prize upon joining Colossus or Allied Guilds! This is as a reward for being a bookworm. (Now just imagine my wrists...)

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PostSubject: Re: Friday Group Tryouts   Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:37 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Friday Group Tryouts   Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Friday Group Tryouts   Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:25 am

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PostSubject: Re: Friday Group Tryouts   

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Friday Group Tryouts
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