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 Commence Interviews with Allied Guild Candidates

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PostSubject: Commence Interviews with Allied Guild Candidates   Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:08 pm

Since Closed Beta, three guilds have expressed interest in merging with other guilds such as Colossus. Since then, three Allied Guilds have merged into Colossus, yet our negotiations with Avalon, Ragnarok, Vanity, or AlphaQ have all halted due to either the lack of willingness to sacrifice leadership (and server) to the other guild or due to the lack of resources to make a merger (or server-transfer) successful. It was decided - in the case of Ragnarok and Avalon - to resume negotiations in September (when the dominance of School would create an opening for new members and possible guild-instability) due to lack of members.

Fortunately, due to the quality of Colossus' leadership and members, there is no need for a merger because we have an excess of applicants. However, we are forced to reject most of the applicants because during Group Tryouts we receive 30+ simultaneous applications, 24 of which are rejected after Group Tryouts, and six of which proceed to Secondary Tryouts, where they get to be on probation for one week before being rejected (or in some cases, made a full member of Colossus). On the other hand, when we are not recruiting we still get five applicants per day, four of which get rejected (study based on August forum-statistics and September Group Tryouts). Thus, it becomes immediately-apparent that we simply have too many applicants to accept.

Hence, the need arises for Allied Guilds whose sole responsibility to ensure that rejected applicants have a good guild to go to which suits their expectations.

MaypleSyrup wrote:
For the past few years my hobby has been to lurk on OnRPG and refer newbies and dedicated MMO players to various MMORPGs and MOBAs which suit their interests. I believe I am one of the only people on the internet doing this, as when I google for the names of various MMOs that went bankrupt 5-10 years ago my OnRPG posts are in many cases the first Google result. Since it has been my hobby to analyze the interests of gamers for such a long period of time (1900 forum-posts) it allows me to relate to the knowledge of other gamers who are looking for a specific social and/or competitive experience in Dragon Nest. For this reason, I interview all Colossus applicants, and all Allied Guild leaders, in order to match the applicants to the guild.
This method of recruiting for Colossus yet distributing members to Allied Guilds has worked in August and early September because it allows for all guilds to have a central hyping-point on the Nexon forums, where applicants can immediately find what they are looking for (to the best of our abilities), and where Colossus can gain the resources to advertise to the masses that they are recruiting, without having to accept more than a few applicants; thus keeping the size of the guild from growing more quickly than our community can handle.

In conclusion, Allied Guilds are responsible for accepting rejected applicants based on the qualities of the applicant and the specific criteria of each Allied Guild. MapleSyrup and the leaders of Allied Guilds have the responsibility of referring/inviting each applicant to their guild.

TL;DR - Colossus can reject hundreds of applicants without causing views of 'Elitism' and 'Arrogance' (separate discussion). This benefits Allied Guilds due to receiving the hype associating with being affiliated with a sponsored recruitment process involving paid PvP-Livestreamers/Recorders, footage-sequencers/video editors, and music video creators/special effects producers on
In exchange for referring high amounts of applicants, Colossus creates a long-term hype from the members of Allied Guilds by gaining their trust.

Additionally, guilds which receive positive attention in regular Officer Meetings can receive invites to sponsored inhouse cash prize tournaments and social competitions. E.g. The video making guild, Ragnarok, could be invited to a roleplaying contest, or vice-versa (for the purposes of creating video footage). Or Avalon would be invited to participate in a 4v4 tournament.

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Commence Interviews with Allied Guild Candidates
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