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 iB3AST's One Way Road Guide To Be Rich

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Colossus Savage

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PostSubject: iB3AST's One Way Road Guide To Be Rich   Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:59 am

Want To Be Rich?

You saw people with Ancient set +9 and above. You saw Elf Queen Set +9 and above. You wonder when you going to be rich to obtain gears like that.


Ok, lets get down and dirty.

~~Common Practice~~

Many people played with the market when Beta just came out. Selling blue gears and crude onyxes.

~~Common Practice~~

-Nothing wrong in monopolising the market with that normal tactic which is still practised now. However, gold sellers and their bots are out and they practically controlled the crude onyxes' market. Selling crude onyxes as low as 20-30 gold at one stage.

So i wouldn't suggest you to compete with the price that the gold sellers are selling it for.

What I did

When open beta just came out, i practically just did dungeons and quest for gold. I saved all my onxyes and gears obtained from dungeon. Having only +11-+12 green gears that i farmed, i did abyss dungeons for rare drops. Again, i have to let you know that i didn't sell anything in the market.


This is where i started my road to be a "millionaire". With +8-+9 blue gears, i started farming with 2 characters in Mino Nest.

Gears i looked for in Mino Nest at that time = Clean Ancient Gears + Minotaur Horn(which was priced fairly high)

2nd week after Mino Nest was released, people started selling Clean Ancient gears for 300-500gold per piece. But i was dreaming bigger. So, i kept my 14 pieces of Ancient Gears which was obtained from Mino Nest and from some guildies.

Then Vortex Geode came out in the market for Epic Gears.

I bought 7 +7 vortex geode and did it on the gear that was selling high and in demand at that week. However, i wasnt going to sell it at +7. For the 7 gears i used the geode on, i enhanced it to +8-9.

Out of 7, only 2 survived. Sold 2 for 10-12k gold per piece.(a good way to exploit gold buyers' gold)

Priced one on an alt account for 12k and priced another on my main account for 9-10k.

So it that 1 week, i made 30-40k gold and after substracting cost and losses(10-15k), i made a safe profit of minimum 15k gold per week.

In 1 month since Vortex Geode was released, i made 40-60k gold raw profit.

Now since i have the modal(and if you have too - minimum 10k gold), i dream bigger. I buy +8 vortex geode and clean ancient gears(mostly weapons) and +10 it. Prices aint that high nowadays(for eg) gaunlets for Warriors, +9 selling for 5-6k gold, +10 selling for 9-10k gold and +11 is >14k gold.

I play with the region of +10-+11. So i made a lot of +10 Ancient gears( depending on the demand of the market of that week ), and selling them. For example, i buy a vortex geode(off hand)+8 and a clean Ancient gaunlet. From there, i try to +10 it. Cost of clean ancient gaunlet and vortex cost me around 2k gold. And i sold my gauntlet for 8.8k gold. I made a profit of 6.8k gold.

Again, nowadays, I Mino for accessories as they sell the highest compared to clean ancient gears.

Again, most people tend to sell it as it is. However, a good hidden ability will increase the price up to 1-2k gold. So always sell with Hidden Abilty.

Hope this simple guide helped you. And again start small if you don't have the modal to do Epic Gears. Start with enhancing clean rare gears to +10 that goes for 900-1.2k gold.

Again, this is not the absolute method but one method.


1)Buy clean ancient and vortex geaode
2)Farm Mino for accessories.

Things You'll Need To Be A Millionaire:

1) Risk - Taker
2) A modal to start with
3) Good Knowledge of the market

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PostSubject: Re: iB3AST's One Way Road Guide To Be Rich   Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:20 pm

Good guide im gona try this bro Smile
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PostSubject: Re: iB3AST's One Way Road Guide To Be Rich   Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:40 pm

i would try this but...i hear 32 cap is coming soon so ill have to do it then
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PostSubject: Re: iB3AST's One Way Road Guide To Be Rich   

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iB3AST's One Way Road Guide To Be Rich
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