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 Let's have some fun.

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PostSubject: Let's have some fun.   Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:32 am

Hey guys was just wondering if anyone might have anything interesting to post. Razz
something like this maybe.
Obsessive wrote:
*twinkle twinkle* In a time long from this one there were members of a great and magnificent collection of magnificently great and wonderful magnificent parts of a whole that is to be COLOSSUS!

Obs: dude this dude sucks bawls, when is he going to freaking give up...

Lonely: ugh forget it he is just going to keep spinning and shit

Obs: Fuck that lets just woop his ass and use our secret weapon he will never know what hit him

Lonely: are you retarted? if we do that we will cause a commotion and let the whole fomorian base know were here, and whats our main objective again?

Obs: uhh get the fucking plans no shit?

Lonely: NO god your attention span is like a two year old playing in his mothers highheals!
(Gnoll chieften destroys pillar they are hiding behind)


(both roll dodge out of hammer spins reach)

Obs: WHAT the fuck? really "Do a barrel roll?"


Obs: well then dont yell dipshit you even make me want to hit you in the face with the hammer.

Lonely: Not funny now go!

Obs: Kayy~ :3

Lonely: -.-

(Obs sneaks past the chieften and into his layer or w/e you call it)
(30 mins pass)

Lonely: *heavy breathing* damn how long can this guy go for im getting ripped up OBSESSIVE GE-

(Chieften slams Lonely into a wall)

Dun dun dunnnnn! *twinkle twinkle*

.......well sorry about that at first it was gonna be a joke but then i got into it xD i call it "Prophecies of the masses"
Obsessive has a good imagination there. props to him! but yeah anything fun to read like that from experiences in vindictus and/or dragon nest would be great, post it here for everyone to enjoy! Very Happy
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Let's have some fun.
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