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 PvP based SM - Your Opinions?

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PostSubject: PvP based SM - Your Opinions?   Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:54 am

Hey guys, I wanted to start a discussion on which you think is the best build for a PvP SM, physical / magical / hybrid - and we can go into more specific types too, things you max etc, things you may advise others not to because they were all hyped up in their description box and ended up being useless! xD

I think I'll be going Hybrid, Moonlord. Mainly because in PvP you'll find yourself running around quite alot for your cooldowns - plus I don't want any disadvantages from either close combat / ranged combat.

Using ranged attacks to trap my opponent as I reach them, consume my physical cooldowns (the longest ones) and take a few step backs to crowd control him with my ranged attacks, which cooldown alot quicker. Rinse and repeat, trap them in quick Combos and learning how to avoid all the other classes attacks and combos is key to being the best. This is the path I'm choosing to follow Wink

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PvP based SM - Your Opinions?
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