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 Melty Blood: Actress Again CC

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PostSubject: Melty Blood: Actress Again CC   Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:54 pm

"Current Code" release for Melty Blood: Actress Again was released maybe a month ago. It's a fighting game, but quite unique in its genre; having a ridiculous number of options for either player at any point in a round, and encouraging a fast-paced, aggressive neutral. The latest release is supported on the PC and has netplay functionality to boot.

The Melty Blood series, although lesser known than SF or MvC, has a loyal fanbase in NA with an IRC channel at #mbaa on Though it has its roots in a visual novel and has a predominantly female cast, I hope you'll look past that enough to give it a try!

A combo video for Crescent Moon Ryougi.

Be warned however! The game does take a considerable amount of practice in both training mode (for more complicated, optimized combos) and actual matches (for learning spacing and footsies).

Download link:
Get all the MBAACC.partX.rar files! What's packaged is my own game folder with a key configuration tool inside for those of us who use keyboard over stick. (Yeah, game is pretty viable with keyboard, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Not to put down stick.)

More links:
Generic info site:
Combos and stuff: (not all the pages have detailed info, check out their older PS2 versions, I don't think all the characters have been revamped completely since the PS2 release)
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PostSubject: Re: Melty Blood: Actress Again CC   Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:16 am

This game looks really interesting!
Thanks for taking the time to put up this information ^^

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Melty Blood: Actress Again CC
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