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 Instructions "New" 3DS XL

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Colossus God

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PostSubject: Instructions "New" 3DS XL   Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:14 pm

Here's some helpful tips & information for your "New" 3DS XL:

1. Micro-SD card:
- The Micro-SD card (4GB) comes standard with the New 3DS XL (4GB Capacity: Approx. 2 Large Games)
- If you wish to download games in the future, I'd suggest you upgrade to a 16GB / 32GB Micro-SD Card
- *Recommended* SanDisk Ultra 32GB ($15): Click Here

2. How to access / switch out the Micro-SD Card:
- Two small screws are located on the New 3DS XL backplate
- Unscrew both of them (thoroughly)
- Then proceed to gently pry it out from each side of the backplate
- Press down the micro-SD card to release it from the slot
- Swap it out with the new micro-SD card

3. How to "transfer 3DS data" from an old micro-SD card to a new micro-SD card:
- Insert the old micro-SD / SD card into your PC
- Locate the Nintendo 3DS folder on the Micro-SD card
- Copy the entire folder and save it to your desktop
- Insert the new micro-SD card into your PC
- Open up your new micro-SD card file location
- Copy the saved files from your desktop into your new Micro-SD card

*Warning: This method will NOT transfer your NNID from another 3DS system (you will need to perform a system transfer)
- If you need to do a system transfer, make sure you do that "first" before you attempt to transfer old micro-SD / SD card data
- System Transfer Instructions: Click Here

4. How to format your Micro-SD card:
- Plug your micro-SD card into your PC
- Access the Nintendo 3DS file location
- Delete the "entire" folder

*Warning: Do not attempt to format your micro-SD card by using the "New 3DS XL network share feature" (allowing you to access your micro-SD card remotely from your computer to your 3DS).
- Deleting files remotely from your PC to the New 3DS XL will not remove all files and cause your micro-SD card to no longer work!
- If this happens (dont panic): You can fix it by deleting the rest of the files from your PC only.

It's highly advised that you use your computer to handle all necessary changes to your micro-SD card.

Additional resources you may find helpful:

System Transfer: Click Here
Transfer SD / Micro-SD card Data: Click Here
Format System Memory: Click Here
Micro-SD Cards tested w/ the "New" 3DS XL: Click Here

Don't forget to get a charger for your "New" 3DS XL!
If you already have one that's compatible with the older models of the 3DS, then you're good to go Smile

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Vindictus Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Instructions "New" 3DS XL   Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:56 pm

Heroic try contacting me! We gotta talk!

Obsessive: Fiona-52
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Colossus God

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PostSubject: Re: Instructions "New" 3DS XL   Thu Oct 29, 2015 8:47 pm

Obsessive wrote:
Heroic try contacting me! We gotta talk!

We sure will, I added you on facebook. My name is Wesley Nelson.

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PostSubject: Re: Instructions "New" 3DS XL   

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Instructions "New" 3DS XL
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