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 Clash Royale (Recruitment)

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PostSubject: Clash Royale (Recruitment)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 7:19 am

♦ Respect
♦ English Proficient

♦ Age 17+
♦ Remain Active
♦ Socialize
♦ Climb / Improve
♦ Donate at least 40 cards/week
♦ Level 6+ (Recommended)
♦ Trophies: 1400+ (will change)
♦ Friendly Battles


What's this clan about?
♦ Very Competitive & Active
♦ Goal is to get everyone up to 2000+
♦ Friendly & Helpful
♦ Motivating

How can I join?

♦ Look up our clan tag #JORLYU
♦ Join (Open Invite)
♦ If you're a previous member of Colossus, you may join without meeting the trophy / level requirement.

Too low to meet the requirements?
♦ Not a problem, since we're brand new, I'll be willing to bend some of the requirements in your favor.
♦ All you have to do is send me a private message or post in this thread.
♦ In order to stay in, you must show improvement.

Early Join Bonus:
♦ If you meet all the requirements, you'll be promoted to "Elder".
♦ Ability to invite and make contributions to the direction of our clan.

Recruitment Page:
Glory Recruitment

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PostSubject: Re: Clash Royale (Recruitment)   Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:44 am

I thought I'd bump this because I saw the first Vindictus private server went up a month back. I haven't played since 2010/11 but thought it would be cool to jump back in.
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Clash Royale (Recruitment)
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