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 ! Urgent ! Colossus Server Decision.. ! Urgent !

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PostSubject: ! Urgent ! Colossus Server Decision.. ! Urgent !   Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:32 pm

For all our Dragon Nest MEMBERS!

Nexon's Update -- Server's being released, and will be based of East or West coast users,
making it a tough decision as a guild leader and a decision for our guild members to make. Final decision will be
lead up to the guild leader himself, based upon the poll results.


Vote -- For all our current users, we will give everyone an opportunity to vote on which server you'd
like for us to be on. If none is decided, the final decision will be lead up to the guild leader.

The poll will last for 3 days!

Velskud Benefit :: This is a "West Coast" Guild, keep in mind, we did not know that Argenta was based
as an East Coast Server when we first decided to do our recruitment there. Alot of our previous DN members
have preferred West Coast, including me, but our social benefits are more favorable toward the Argenta.


Independent Guild
Less Guild Competition
Lag-Free PvP

Argenta Benefit :: There's been an offer for us, from a community manager that forms
a nice advantage toward our guild and it's members, they're located on "Argenta".

I've looked through it, and still talking with "Maplesyrup" about benefits and heavy
pvp competition as well. But I will guarantee that our guild will be still the same, nothing
will change, but we will be more connected with other guilds.

Argenta is the most recommended server we choose, but I will still allow guild members
to choose whichever server they'd be pleased with.

MapleSyrup has supplied us with..

1500 Slot Mumble Server
Prize Pool Events (Chances to win up to 250$)
Alliance Guilds
PvP Competition
Overall DN Community Improvement

Hero's Decision:

I'm not happy about the coast preference for our servers, but I've already
made my decision to stand my ground with Argenta. But I have a lot of valued
respect for our original Colossus Members who have decided amongst joining
a West Coast Server instead.

Something you should know.. As a player of CN Dragon Nest, I can honestly
say that I didn't have bad lag, the game was actually playable due to my
favor, and the guilds' favor as well. The lag on CN Dragon Nest became very subtle
and un-noticeable while I was playing it, so in my opinion, I really don't think
East Coast would cause a problem with lag issues. I will not however, be
participating in this poll, I'll leave it up to our member's decision to make.

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! Urgent ! Colossus Server Decision.. ! Urgent !
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