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 [OFFICIAL] Colossus Complete Mumble Guide [MEMBERS ONLY]

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PostSubject: [OFFICIAL] Colossus Complete Mumble Guide [MEMBERS ONLY]   Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:10 am

How to join our Mumble Server

Step 1:

Select "Server" located on the top right of your Mumble Client.

Step 2:

Choose "Add New" In order to create a server to join

Step 3:

Label: Colossus
Port: 3350
Username: **Choose your Username**

Click here to join our new server on "August 10th"


Step 4:

Choose "Settings" in order to apply many features!

Step 5:

Apply the "Push-To-Talk" Feature and adjust your quality to 96.0 kb/s

Step 6:

Choose "ADD" In order to create a function and a shortcut!

Step 7:

Choose "Push-To-Talk" and set a hotkey for it

Step 8:

Finally, join our "Colossus Guild Channel"!
See you there(:


How to join our In-Game Server

Step 1: Choose "Velskud"
Step 2: Choose Channel "2"


How to contact "Hero" in the OBT for an Invite

Step 1: Join our "Mumble Server"
Step 2: Contact Mumble IGN: Hero
Step 3: Ask for Dragon Nest IGN
Step 4: PM "IGN" In-Game and you will recieve an invite momentarily



What if I'm not able to contact Hero through Mumble?
There will be an annoucement listing Hero's IGN on the forum.

What do I do if I dont have a mic?
We highly suggest you buy one, but please use Mumble anyway!

Where do I download Mumble?

Is MUMBLE going to be required for all of our members?
Yes, and we will give everyone enough time to get a mic, but both of these options are required.

Why is MUMBLE so important?
Because of raiding and PvPing, and simply, just getting to know the community alot better.

I don't feel comfortable talking on the MUMBLE server, do I really have to use it?
If it seems like there's a lot of people on the server, just sit and listen, you'll get to know me, and a bunch of
other members too! I'm sure you'll gain enough courage to talk.(: Many of our members have already. I guarantee you, this will
be the first step into really enjoying Colossus as a community and PvP/PvE warfare.

Is there a way to download Dragon Nest before they release the download?
Yes - "Click Here"

What do I do when Colossus Guild Slots are full?
Please wait until we upgrade to 40 slots, and we will make an annoucement until then.

How long will it take for Colossus to Upgrade?
Estimated 2-4 Days

Will our guild migrate back to Argenta if we have problems in Velskud?
Possibly, but highly unlikely.

Is it true that Argenta is the Main PvP server?
Absolutely not, all server's will be highly balanced in PvP

I've heard that Velskud is a Role-Playing Server, not PvP, what now?
This is not true, rather just trolling, all servers will consist of both PvP and PvE

There's a lot of Aussies in our server, will that cause problems in our PvP?
No, we will design a PvP division, specifically for Aussies Vs Aussies only!

What are the PvP Divisions for Colossus?
1. USA vs USA
2. Canada vs Canada
3. Austrailia vs Austrailia
4. USA vs Canada

I want to apply to be an officer, where do I go?
Officer Application Thread

I'd like to participate in the event, but I dont have a group, where do I go to find one?
Group Formation Thread

We'd appreciate all of our members to rate our [Velskud] Nexon Recruitment thread!

Thank you

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[OFFICIAL] Colossus Complete Mumble Guide [MEMBERS ONLY]
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