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 [PvP] BootCamp Information Guide

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PostSubject: [PvP] BootCamp Information Guide   Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:14 am

Boot Camp

Day 1 + 2
Date: August 19, 2011 ~ August 21, 2011
Time: 12:00PM - 9:00PM (PST)

Day 3 - 7
Date: August 22, 2011 ~ August 26, 2011
Time: 3:00PM - 7:30PM (PST)

Boot Camp is a feature to help drastically improve your weakest points in PvP. It's a training Camp
to show improvement, which is one of the main goals we have for PvP. You may not be experienced
right off the bat, but this is your time to get off on the right start. Boot Camp is entirely designed
to prepare yourself for "Competition and Pressure". It's your training hours, and we will help you
progress in fast-paced, quick learning methods in order to perform infinite combos, PvP tactics,
and enhance your overall PvP experience.

What will I recieve for completing Boot Camp?

-Cetification of BootCamp (Allowing you to Competitive PvP)
-Exclusive Military Rank "Private First Class" (Forum Title)
-Exclusive Forum Access to Hidden Forum Categories
-Veteran Rank (For those who Quality)
-Being Enrolled into the "Colossus Ranking System"
-Specified PvP Branch (High - Medium - Low)
-Reserved Mumble Slot
-Forum Name Color Change

Boot Camp: Day 1

1. You will automatically be enrolled in a "Main Class" Division
-Division 1 (Archers)
-Division 2 (Clerics)
-Division 3 (Warriors)
-Division 4 (Sorceress)

2. You will meet with your trainer and begin your practice
-PvP Tactics
-Game Modes

3. Socializing with your Division Group
-Helpful Tips
-Private Mumble Channel

Boot Camp: Day 2

1. Player vs Player - Training Session
-1v1 Against All Classes
-Private Mumble Channel (1v1)
-Show Improvement

Tips: If you're struggling against 1v1 on a certain class, try doing
a rematch and asking your opponent about his weakness's and what
combos you should use.

Boot Camp: Day 3 - 6

1. Group vs Group - Tournament
-Choose 3 players of any Class
-Compete 4v4 in a Tournament Bracket
-Private Mumble Channel (Group Ony)
-Win 10K NX per tournament

2. Players can choose their group before Day 3
-You may not practice with your group until the tournament.
-Communication is Key - *Share your Knowledge*

"Tactics are the key to winning a game, not the best classes, if you can work with your team
in a tactical advantage, improving from mistakes, exceeding beyond the knowledge of your
opponent, you will drastically improve."


Boot Camp: Day 7

1. Group vs Group - Tournament
-Choose 7 players of any Class
-Compete 8v8 in a Tournament Bracket
-Private Mumble Channel (Group Only)
-Win a Share of 10K NX

2. Players can Choose their group before Day 7
-You may not practice with your group until the tournament
-Create a balanced team benefitting you with support, rush, and range.


Boot Camp will guarantee improvement in performance.
This is exceptionally a system to help weed out all the bad
habbits you may form early on in the game.




What happens if I'm caught invalidating the Terms of Conduct?
You will be pentalized by how many rules you break.
-Including disqualification from doing the PvP Tournament

Boot Camp time interferes with my Work/School schedule what can I do?
If you're free within the time of when it starts to when it ends, please dedicate your remaining hours to Boot Camp

Do I have to get certified to PvP?
Yes and No, you can still do Public PvP, but you will not be eligable for Scrims / Guild Wars

I'm in an entirely different Time Zone are there any other options?
Please contact "Heroic" on Mumble for more information

What if I can't make it for the full 7 days of Boot Camp?
Atleast participate in Day 1 and 2 - Tournaments are HIGHLY recommended in order to place judgement on your PvP branch.

I don't have a mic at the moment for Mumble am I still eligable for Boot Camp?
No - Mumble w/ Mic is required in order to participate!
If you have a legitemate excuse, contact Heroic In-Game or on MUMBLE.

I want to PvP and PvE.. If I dont do well in Boot Camp will I still remain a slot in the guild?
Your gear has to be good, if you lack PvE Gear and PvP Experience, you may be forced to re-apply or join another guild.
Good Gear = +8 Blues - Craft Ability - HA - Mg/Phys % Dmg - Epics/Blue Necklaces + Rings

Where do I go to sign up as a trainer?
[EVENT] Become A PvP Trainer

Where do I go to look up more information about the Tournament?

[EVENT] PvP Tournament

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[PvP] BootCamp Information Guide
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