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 Heroics Hibernation (Retirement)

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Colossus God

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PostSubject: Heroics Hibernation (Retirement)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:14 pm

Heroic's Resignation

I've finally hit that time of loosing my motivation to further continue with Dragon Nest.
School has hit, game doesn't provide anymore hype, even with the annoucement of
the new content, and failed to meet my expectations as a game publishing company.

They've followed the same mistakes, and I believe if they continue this habbit, this
game may follow up with the same fate as Vindictus. My predictions are not clear,
and I hope all of our current members still have motivation and skill to continue
with their reputation as a guild member, and as a player. Sadly, I've only been able
to set up a foundation, with no ability of further progression to a game that will soon,
no longer interest me.


As a guild leader, I was not able to form this guild perfectly, and maintained flaws as a normal
human being. I've failed to recruit officers to help me monitor the forums, create events, and
assist me with recruitment, which caused me to force space between me and my guild.

I've tried my hardest to maintain the best service to what I believe, are the top players
of Dragon Nest. Although.. It's just too much for me, and it happens, I can handle it for
a while, but after a certain time, I fall behind my expectations, and accept failure to
run my guild as organized as it should be. If I end up in this situation, the best way
to solve it is to give these privilages to the person who I think has the
requirements of maintaining an excellent and proper gaming community who exceed
casual expectations and resolute their power of being a competitive and experienced
player of Dragon Nest.

Hero's Schedule

High-School - Core Studies + CISCO Career Experience
SkillsUSA - Competing in CISCO Networking nation-wide
GF + Friends + Parties - I enjoy to have some time to myself, and with the people I care about, I have an entirely different life.
Weight Training - I focus on physical workouts - Endurance - Power - Strength - Tone / Maintaining a Body I care about.
Working - A job is what I'm extremely focused on getting, I could use the money, and I think at my age it's necissary to have one.
Religion - Extremely important to me, because of recent visions / warning's I've acknowledged when I was addicted to drug-use.

I treat this community as a professional, and try to maintain that reputation, but I can not apply full-time as a guild leader.
I have a lot of goals for myself, because as I was young, I didn't treat my life seriously, and ended up in some of the worst
situations I've never thought I would end up in. Everything I've done has related to me in a personal cause, and I've learned
and matured a lot from each situation I've been in, and tried to correct those mistakes as I grow older and more wise. I don't
want to dedicate my entire life to maintaining one thing, even though I truely care about this guild, it's unhealthy to become
obsessed and have it take over my life. I still have hardcore aspects to gaming, but as time moves on, more things tend to
motivate me to spread my options as to what I can actually do with my life.

Colossus Member's Recognition

I hope you all have a successful and great time inside the guild! I really appreciate everyone's satisfaction with the guild, and
I'm glad I can actually say this guild has been one of my biggest accomplishments of this entire year. I hope to see you all
progress and continue your gaming/taking it to the next level, and hope to see great things from each and every one of you
for when I stop and check up on everyone(:

I will announce the new guild leader, for when I am ready to fully retire! Some of you may know who he is already,
and some of you may not, but I will make a complete annoucement for when I am ready to hibernate. Have fun everyone!

Colossus Guild Bear,
Like a Star @ heaven Heroic Like a Star @ heaven

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Colossus Alchemist

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PostSubject: Re: Heroics Hibernation (Retirement)   Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:18 am

Thanks for all dude, have fun
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Forum Munchie

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PostSubject: Re: Heroics Hibernation (Retirement)   Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:33 am

damn your schedule looks so nice, girls, workout and all the good stuff
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PostSubject: Re: Heroics Hibernation (Retirement)   

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Heroics Hibernation (Retirement)
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